Olavo de Carvalho
Translation by Leilah Carvalho

The situation is rather horrible and depressing, but it is not a complex or difficult one to be understood. It can be summed up, without any exaggeration, as follows: Brazil, as an independent nation, no longer exists. Brazil is a Chinese protectorate, governed by a boastful and intolerant ambassador who has all at his own service: the political class, the judicial elite, the media, the education system, and a considerable part of the business community. Aware of its total helplessness in the face of the overwhelming power of this foreign authority, the military class pretends it never happened and tries to keep up appearances. The nominal president has no other support than that of the dispersed, unarmed, and helpless mass that elected him, and he is barely beginning to realize that he has no power. Brazil is defeated and will not rise unless in the remote hypothesis that the United States breaks the spine of the Chinese power.

The Chinese plan, which is not only Chinese but multinational, is also simple and easy to describe: universal and total scientific dictatorship. Scientific: founded on the technological domination of all material and human resources. Universal: encompassing each and every inch of the Earth’s surface. Total: absolute social control, even including the most intimate details of the personal lives of all.

Who created this situation? The Western political and economic elite. It created the Chinese power by vowing that prosperity would transform China into a lovely democracy.

Whenever you hear businessmen, economists, and technocrats with a Stanford degree, keep in mind the admirable precision with which these high-and-mighty people predicted the course of things in China.

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